I have mentioned before, I believe, that stumbling my way into, first, a meditation practice and second, a Zen practice has been a cornerstone in my recovery. As I transition into doing a few less meetings and a few more hours on the cushion, I am struck again and again by the similarities between many Buddhist principles and much of what is espoused in the better AA meetings.

Today, that happened again.

I get a daily email from Triangle magazine, a quote from an online article (which I often end up reading). Today’s was:

Why become enlightened? This is a question I sometimes ask myself. The answer I give is twofold: to make the world a better place and to avoid the pain of clinging to an existence that is unhappy.

Swap out “become enlightened” with “stop drinking.”  See what I mean?


4 thoughts on “Enlightenment

  1. True, stop drinking the world is better, life is better. I’m getting ready to try sober life again. I’m reading, writing, thinking…just have to start doing (or stop doing I should say).

  2. I’ve noticed the similarities as well, especially with A Course in Miracles. In fact, I often think of the Ego as the alcoholic. The ego needs it, wants it, etc., while the real you does not need anything to be complete. It’s amazing how it all works together. ; )

  3. For me, it is yoga. The philosophical path. Buddhism and yoga and very very similar. The Buddha was a yogi.
    Have you looked at refuge recovery? They take the 12 steps and Buddhism and blend them.
    It’s interesting.
    Glad you are doing well….


  4. I am coming late to this, but I am always amazed at just how many of the big spiritual principles are found in the 12 step recovery text. That is why I enjoy my bouncing about in spiritual worlds because it’s familiar in some ways, but at the same time I am learning in others.

    Thanks for this.


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